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Kiemelt partnereink

The sauna

Finnish saunas grant the experience of the classic saunas.  It’s mechanical principal: because of the hot air, which is heated with a stove, the human body starts to sweat. Because of the sweating poisoning materials leaves the organism. Sauna that has a detoxification effect are at a degrees of 80-110 Celsius, it’s humidity is low. For real relaxation they usually use volatile oils (vapour oils), and different kinds of aromas. You must enter the sauna with dry skin, because this is the only way the skin will reallly sweat. The procedures are usually cut into parts of 15 minutes and after every section you have to take a shower with cold water. On one occason people usually return to the sauna 3 times, in the resting states there’s usually loosening and relaxation. After the sauna a cold water pool has good effect. After the sauna resting is important! It’s not recommended to those who have a heart trouble. With the regular use of the sauna we are making our bodies take preventive and supplementative roles (first of all), it also helps to stabilise our determinated health, and increase our organism’s resistance ability.

Especially recommended sauna:
 - with rheumatic- type illnesses
 - those who are suffering from muscle and joint illnesses
 - those with pains in their spines (pain in the back, and in the waist, neck stiffness
 - change in joints
 - those with problems in their hips and knee joint
 - those with stiffed muscles
 - those who have a cold or an allergy
 - in case other places, with illnesses in the respiratory
 - with asthma
 - with chronical bronchitis
 - with depression
 - those who are struggling with muscle soreness

Why is it worth to go to a sauna?
During the sauna our organs detoxification increases (when we are sweating) and it decreases the exagareted acidification, so it can detoxificate qiute well! It’s reason: our blood supply increases during the warming of our body, the metabolism and selection process are getting faster.  With the detoxification of the organism the painful deformation of the moving organs, muscles ligaments, joints, the chronical illnesses by the growing number of lifetime, which are in connection with the acidification of the organism. The immune system of our body gets activated, our defensive and self- healing powers are increasing. It’s reason: the heat of the body makes the white bloodcells, our defensive materials  and mechanisms to be faster. Those who are saunas get respiratory illnesses more rarely. The sauna has a good effect on the heart and the circulatory system, since it makes your blood circulatory faster. Although we have to be careful, those who are suffering from caricose veins problems the intense heat can be harmful, the blood – vessels are getting streched, and this way increases the problems of caricose veins.

It has an effect on our beauty, skin and body in a good way, sinceit helps in fixing the skins blood supply, it gets rid of the pollution on the skin, the dead epithelial, and in this way the skin can get „younger”.  It will be softer, more velvet, more flexible. The sauna is the most effective weight-lose method. It’s perfect to solve stress. Because of the heat the muscles and joints are getting hot and loosen up, our nerve-system gets calm.  It’s not a mistake in the tendency, that more and more bigger companies, and companies that are in private are building saunas for their workers. The best and most natural medicine against insomnia (sleeping problems). It can loosen up the muscles that are stuck. The saune can be extremly effective to those people who are sitting to much at work to loosen up the muscle sramps and the muscle knots. (With combination of swimming and a short massage is guaranteed). The sauna is unbeatable in earing muscle soreness.

Counter proposals:
 - too high or fluctuating blood-pressure
 - infections with high temperature
 - the inflammation of the kidney and the liver
 - in case of epilepsy or menthal problems
 - in case of acute arthritis

Everyone must use the sauna for their own responsibility! The usage of a sauna-armband is obligatory!