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Kiemelt partnereink


There are 4 pools developed in the swimming hall taking into consideration every age-group:

  thermal pool
swimming pool for adults
  child pool
 Diving pool


There are 3 pools located on the field of our summer place, a 50 m (which is also suitable for races), a 130 sqmeters, with water circulating adventures (for children), and a small thermal pool 36 °C.

Type of poolCharacter  TemperatureNumber
Swimming pool 50 mopen -air231
Swimming pool 20 mcovered261
Learning pool  covered321
Thermal pool   covered361
Child pool open -air301
Thermal pool   open -air361

Heat effect:
 relaxing, reduces pain, antispasmodic. The joints will be more moveble. The heat stimulates the heat sensing receptors in the skin, which have on effect on the arteries in the nerve fibers. As a direct effect stimulus mover materials (e.g.: achetilcholin) are set free.  The temperature of the blood increases towards the skin. Chemical effect: the water that comes from deep underground contains elemets, which the water of the surface doesn’t . The salts in the water will be on the skin of the swimmer that causes the skin to stimulate, which sets the blood-vessel widening materials free. The organism’s mineral-composition changes. Biological effect: with difusion metabolism happens through the skin between the composers of the body and the elements of the water. This way our body can get rid of a lot of slag. The selection operation of this we have to go to the toliette more often. The heart will receive a greater load, the circulation gets faster, the blood-pressure changes. The metabolism depends on the temperature of the water and the microclimate. Usually a 20-30 min swim is enough for the waters constituent parts to be absorbed. We inhale the gases after the swim.  We use this as a treatment for those who are suffering from asthma or allergy. It loosens the muscles of the bronchioles, the patient comes across with less problems, so the symptoms of the cold won’t bother  them.    We can often experience vegetative nervous system effects too: we’ll become calmer, get a little tired, it feels good to rest after the swim. The water medicine slightly has an effect on the nervous system which isindependent from our will: it eases the tension, reduces our nerves, and sleeplessnes, the symptoms of puberty, high blood-pressure.  Our glands will also sense the change ina  nature: there will be an increased separation in the mucosal, therefore cleaning the body. The gases and solvable salts that gets in trough the inner glands are increasingthe stream of hormons getting into the blood. For those who are suffering from thyroid gland diseases it’s important to know the water’s iodine essence, so the struma wouldn’t get bigger. It also has an effect on the sexual glands that’s why it has a good effect during infertileness, for impotence, for cycle disordres and a puberty.


Swimming pool:

Usually about swimming:  
One of the most enjoyable sports, often recommended for children.
Why is it good to swim? This sport has quite a favourable effect on the children who are groving up in more than one way. Te first and most important one, is that it has a very balanced effect on the muscles and the bones. The load of the joints is almost neglected compared to the „ground” sports. Just think about it, there are no sudden force effects, falls, hits. The probability of a sport is really low. The favourable childhood improvement of the muscles and the bones have an important rola in the perevntion of the old age osteoporosis and the diseases of the movement. It’s also important , that almost all of the muscles play a roll in movement, so it’s usage is really smooth. On the basis of these it’s especially recommended for the disorders of chest improvement, in case of scoliosis.  The restoring of the breathing is also a point of view. The organism’s demand for oxigen is big during swimming. Because of the constant and increased breathing, the lung’s ability to accomodate will you ata long range, and it also increases it’s efficiency. Besides the equal and considerate load swimming is a sport that uses a lot of energy, therefore it’s extremly good for children who are overveight. Who should be careful with swimming? There are substantially less people who can be harmed by swimming.

It’s not recommmended for those people who have long range serious illness of the skin. Among these the ones with stressed significance are: eczema, expanded fungus on the skin, the dry skin that causes the complaints. Let’s skin swimming in case of epilepsy and a serious asthma too.

As like all the other activities it slows down the aging of the heart nad the blood-vessels, reduces the chance of having arteriosclerosis, and because of it’s joint spareness anyone can do it. Swimming is recommended at every age for the heart and blood-vessel systems, for the problem of the moving organs, as a treatment for reumathic problems and for their their prevention.