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Kiemelt partnereink


frissítő masszázs, 
gyógy masszázs
The effect of massage:

  - general state of health helper, immune-system strenghtening
  - circulatory and metabolism stimulation
  - reducing of nervous breakdown and relaxing of muscles
  - helps the infiltration of vitamin-D in the organ
  - antistress – relaxing effect






 - in case of rheumatic problems, spine troubles and musculoskeletal disorders
 - for the treatment of inner inflamation
 - treatment for the illneses of the skin (wart, psoriasis, eczema, moles)
 - for  osteoporosis (except high osteoporosis)
 - in case of allergie, asthma, chronical or acute cold
 - in case of overweight
 - in addition to treatments of depression
 - for curing vision
 - for the improvement of performence and for increasing the speed of regeneration for sportsmen
 - in order to be refreshed, for relaxing and body tensions  
 - for rehabilitation after surgeries, the disorders of the nervous system, circulation system and metabolism.

Not recommended:
 - under the time of pregnancy
 - for those who have been operated 3-6 months ago
 - for those who had a brain surgery 1,5 years ago
 - for those people who have an implant installed in them
 - for those who are suffering for tumour
 - in case of pussy inflammation
 - for those who are suffering from a seriously high blood-pressure
 - in case of broken bones and blood-constitutional disease
 - in case of infectious disease


Pain can come up after using for the first time, which is a sign of getting well.  It is recommended to use every day. The massage isn’t a replacement for the traditional medicine, it is it’s supplement, the promotion of the recovery, but it’s main goal is the prevention of the diseases and refreshing the organism.

Refreshing massage:
This massage, as a result of the mechanical intensivity that influances the human body, effects the skin, the connective fibres under the skin, the muscles, the blood and lymphotic circulation, the organs and the nervous system.


Medical or health massage:
The ancient remedy of the human race. It’s goal is to heal the blood circulation and to loosen up the tight, fastened, painful bodyparts. It can restore the flexibility of the skin, remove the slag which are sedimented in the lower layer of the skin, grow the efficiency of the muscle by increasing it’s circulation. Taking a swim in a thermal pool before the treatment is a siutable, because the heat can help loosen up the soft parts.