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Kiemelt partnereink



The steamcabin can improve health and it’s usage is enjoyable. As a supplementary activity the steamcabin is strongly recommended for numerous health problems, to ease illnesses thanks to the effects of he high steam concentration and the wet heat, it’s immune strenghtening capability is excellent. It has a great effect in these situations: sleeping problems, especially for being to excited, weak circulation near the skin, dry and fragmented  skin, tight of muscles, weakness of muscles through the subcutane vains, and the sensitivityby the sudden charge in temperature. The greatfullness effect of the steamcabin gets into our organism through the warm steam. You can cool the heated body with water inside the cabin, or we can put in a shower while using the streambath. The wet heat can stimulate the blood circulation and throughly cleans the skin in a way, thet it opens the pores and it removes the dead epithelial. Because of this the skin will be soft, clean and silky smooth. The efficiency of the detoxification is increased in the steam. The cleanliness of the skin could be important after one occasion.  Besides that the hot air makes you feel relaxed, it also releases the appropiate ammount of endorfin (happines hormon).

When is it recommended in the first place?
Besides the fact that the steambath is really enjoyable and relaxing (even a bit mind-altering) at the suitable temperature and the residence time, it has a really good effect on our health too. Under the appropiate usage the steam besides its relaxing  effect the respiratory illnesses, which are more common on winter (sore throat, caugh, cold) can be treated, but it’s also good to ease rheumatic problems too.  Thanks to the high humidity and temperature the steambath is also effective against these diseases: lung asthma, bronchitis, upper bronchitis, caugh, harshness, sore troath, chronic (having for a long time) rheumatic problems and joint pains, and stiff joints. In addition, it is also recommended for those who are suffering from sleeping disorders, reduces the tension in the muscles and natirally we can avoid the sensitivity of the sudden changes in temperature, so we can prevent the colds in spring and fall. One of the biggest advantages of the steambath is the positive effect it has on the skin, wich is being really appreciated by women. It can cure the skins blood supply, it’s perfect for dry and cracked skin. If the body lotions can’t restore our skin, we should try the steam. The wet and hot air can stimulate the blood circulation in the vains under the skin, it can effectively clean the skin and it can also enlarge the pores.

Counter proposals:
 - high-blood pressure and heart insufficiency
 - circulation disorders
 - diseases that causes temperature and sickness steamcabin shouldn’t be used.

The steamcabin can only be used by everyones own responsibility!