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Kiemelt partnereink


The town of the world famous halas lace awaits it’s tired and waiting to be cured guests with a lot of sunshine and with it’s all year open thermal bath. We can approach the town on the 53rd main street, which is close to the cultural center of Kecskemét and Szeged, the well-known folk art of Kalocsa, the famous wein-cellars of Hajós, Bugac-puszta.

The thermal pool is located in the center of the town, in the neighbourhood of the hospital, and the 2 star camping is also here. In the camping there are shower, a chance for electric connection, telephone, WIFI-internet, parking space, meal and bathing opportunity provided. The bath have been formed to take into consideration every age group. Those who want to do sports covered and open-air swimming pool, while those who want to be cured or keep tehir health good covered and open-air thermal pools are waiting for them.


Taking into consideration every age group we formed 3 pools inth swimming pool hall: thermal pool with spa water 36 °C, swimming pool for adults 26 °C, pool for children 31 °C. There are also 3 pools on our summer beach place, a 50 m, which is also good for races, a 130 m2, with water circulating experiences for children, and a small thermal pool 36 °C.


On the location of the bath besides the good effect of the water there are various types of wellness-, beauty- and medical services can be used, just like the sauna, the massage, the underwater water massage, light therapy solarium, manicure-pedicure.

There is a buffet formed on the territory of the beach.

  The 48°C Halas water was officially declared as spa water in the 80’s. The alcolic hidrogen is suitable for the treatment of rheumatic people because of it’s carbonat, flouride and iodine spa water, it’s also good for easing the gynaecological problems, as a later treatment for injuries in accidents, for rehabilitation after surgeries, for the illnesses of the moving organs (chronic degenerative joint and spine diseases, in the none active state of inflammation diseases, for osteoporosis, for muscle strain, for springings, for dislocations, for spot injuries), for neurology diseases, and for periferical circulation illnesses, which also provides a professional background and medical inspection thanks to the neighbouring hospital.