Kiemelt partnereink


One of the most important tourism of the town of Kiskunhalas is the thermal pool and camping. The thermal pool awaits it’s guests, who wants to relax and be cured, through the whole year. The iodine mineralwater was declared a medicinal bath in 1983. The spa water can be used perfectly for the degenerative lesion of the moving organs, for the treatment of chronic and inflammation illnesses. It can be used greatly for certain gynaecological illnesses, and for the aftercare of broken bones.


We’re doing 5 kinds of medical treatments:

 - 01- pool bath
 - 02 - bath
 - 04 - weight bath
 - 06 - medical massage
 - 08 - underwater group physiotherapy.


The way treatments should be used:
 - Every person who’s nationality is hungarian and has a NI card gets a support from the OEP (National Helth Insurance Company).
 - In case of rheumatalogy surgery the doctor can order a health cure 2 times a year.
 - The prescription is valid for 30 days after it is written, during this time the patient must start the treatment. All of the treatments must be used after 56 days the person has started it, because after 56 days the prescription isn’t valid anymore.
 - After the prescription has been written you must discuss a time with the masseur at the chosen pool.
 - To compensate a backward treatment one has to show his (or her) medical prescription and discuss another time. There’s a chance t discuss it on the Phone on the 77/422-590 phone number from Monday to Friday during open hours.

01 - Thermal pool:
The healing effects of the spa water can be mechanical, temperaturical and chemical. The mechanical effect is the upbringing power of the water, the hydrostatical pressure. The effect of the temperature (32-38 °C) makes the circulation and the periferical circulation faster, and also rises the breathing capacity. At the chemical effect some of the spa water’s constructive pieces take effect on the skin, while others farmatologically take effect by getting into the blood circulation. The bathing treatment also includes the systematically repeating under threshold stimuli in the central nerve system and by this the effect of the whole hormonical system. The changes that the spa water does are the temperature in the skin, the muscles, the muscle circulation, the blood circulation, the pain in the muscles and the physically handicapped are improving, and the bulge of the joints are reduced. The alcolic hidrgen carbonate water, as experience shows, as a result of the intensive heat and stimulus effects it’s also great for rheumatic diseases and chronic inflammation.

02 - Thermal bath:
The treatment takes place in spa water with the inspection of a trained staff. The hot water is controlled manually on different points of the body. This fabric stimulus (which goes in deeply) restores the blood- and lymphatic circulation, relaxes and strengthens the muscles. It’s strength can be changed according to the spcification.It’s quite effective for pains in the muscles, for the cure joint problemsand for rehabilitation after accidents or surgeries.

04 - Weight barh:
The most important healing method of the frayed and degenerated spine. In the spa water, the patient (depending on his or her weight) will be hang up by his (or her) neck or lean by his (or her) armpit, and beside this we also put some weight on the patient’s waist or ankle with a belt. The goal of the treatment is to remove the vertebrae from each other- with the water’s upbringing power in an eased way-, by stretching the spine they can restore the original state of the vertebral disc.

06 - Medical health massage:
The massage is one of the oldest treatment ever used. By loosening the stuck muscles it restores the blood- and lymphatic circulation, it has a painkiller effect. On certain spots blood abundance can be formed and by this the skin will get more nutrition too. The loosen muscles can constitute materials, which increases efficiency and make the body more resistant. The flexability of the skin and the muscles regenerates. The treatment happens on medical instructions, it’s always directed towards the part of the body where the problem is. It’s effect extends the whole body.

08 - Underwater group physiotherapy:
This happens with the supervision and the guidance of trained physiotherapists. During the physical exercise (thanks to the water’s upbringing power) the moving body’s weight reduces in the water, therefore the joints aren’t loaded because of the movements, and because of this there won’t be pains in the joints. It’s also applicable to those who are not recommended for a normal physiotherapy.